Feeding the Hungry started offering Awana ministries in 2012. We teach Bible classes to school age children and help them develop team work. We have over 25 kids in attendance every Saturday and we keep growing. 

Awana Ministry

The founders of Awana derived the Awana name from the first letters of “Approved workmen are not ashamed” as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15 of the Bible. Awana works with churches from 100 different denominations. It began as a children’s program at the North Side Gospel Center in Chicago in 1941. Lance Latham, North Side’s senior pastor, collaborated with the church’s youth director, Art Rorheim, to develop weekly clubs that would appeal to churched and non-churched kids, lead them to trust Christ for salvation and grow them in enduring faith and service to God.

Other churches learned about the success of the program and inquired about its availability. The program has grown considerably since 1950 and today children and youth in more than 100 countries participate in Awana programs, and millions of adults are alumni.

What makes Awana unique?

Awana helps churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ! Here are 10 ways that we achieve this objective:

  1. Awana is first about outreach. You will receive the best evangelism tools for bringing children, youth and families in your community to your church – and to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. We offer your church fully integrated programs  that train kids ages 2 to 18 to know, love and serve Christ.
  3. Our curriculum has a nearly 60-year track record for building an enduring biblical faith in the lives of children and youth.
  4. We provide resources that will enable your church to partner with parents in growing spiritually strong kids.
  5. Initial and ongoing training fully prepares your church’s volunteer leadership to impact kids for life.
  6. Awana brings children and youth into healthy relationships with mentors and peers who will influence them for Christ.
  7. Our exclusive circle games and fun approach to children’s ministry generate maximum excitement at churches’ Awana meetings.
  8. We provide training and ministry opportunities that gear up your church’s youth to serve Christ as adults, too.
  9. Awana missionaries and their ministry teams are available to supply hands-on training to your church’s Awana volunteers.
  10. Your church’s high-achieving youth can earn scholarships to Christian colleges by earning Awana awards.

For more information visit awana.org