Feeding the Hungry has partnered with the Palm Beach Food Bank, other organizations, restaurants, wholesale distributors, etc. to provide all type of nutritious foods to the residents of Casa del Monte, a mobile home community which is the home to over 5000 people including over 1000 school age residents.

We distribute nutritious food every week, it was once in the beginning and now we do it twice a week and help over 3600 people a month in this endeavor. We are able to distribute furniture, clothes, toys, electronics, and any other help that is needed including financial help for rent, utilities, and medicine. We provide dental care for some residents pro bono.


Feeding the Hungry has partnered with Family Church West Palm Beach, FL and together we  provide a complete dinner to be cooked at home to over 500 families, this include a turkey, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, green beans, onions, rolls and any other fresh product that would complement a Thanksgiving dinner. We would like to serve 600 to 700 families starting Thanksgiving 2016. We have and still are in the process of searching for other partners in order to provide for the ever increasing need.


Feeding the Hungry has partnered with Toys 4 Tots and other organizations and we have been able to have a Christmas party for 500 kids. It is sad to know that many kids in the West Palm Beach area will only receive these toys during the Christmas holiday. We are hoping to increase the number of toys to 700 to a 800 kids Christmas 2015.